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04-23-2012, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by PuddlesTheDuck View Post
I wouldn't agree that Chamberlain is a better prospect than Farmer was, I remember seeing Farmer holding his own in the Continental Cup.
I didn't say he is better, I said he has the ability to be better. I think Chamberlain has much more offensive potential but Farmer was much more likely to make it in NA due to being an all round player with size and some fighting ability.

Farmer played in the continental cup, in 2010-11 when he was 19, Bobby Chamberlain is 17 and started in the EIHL at 16. Stats aren't everything but Chamberlain was 1+3 in 58 EIHL games and when Farmer was that age he had 8+7 in 39 EPIHL games. The difference between EIHL and EPIHL is massive, there's no doubt Chamberlain would be better off in the EPIHL for his development and given how well he has done in the EIHL it's not unreasonable to think that he would have similar or better stats than Farmer when he was that age.

Edit: Dave Simms seems to think Stephen Lee is off to North America

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