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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
Easton did some research with goalies. According to the goalies, using black tape to hide the puck a little more is kind of pointless. Goalies truly have a hard time when things are moving fast (as they often do in hockey) and they cant see the blade or the stick.

So they created the Mako. An all white blade stick, so that in those quick thinking scenarios the mako is blended in with the boards and the ice and the shot is practically in stealth mode. The shot is then less obvious, and in such a fast paced game this can be useful. Though of course this does not make you a better player.

I use white tape now, i taped my entire blade white. Because 1 it really doesnt matter, but two it makes me more comfortable. and then i even tape most of the stick in white, to replicate the mako theory. In response, it does seem to help a bit and it also weighs my stick down a little more for me near the bottom of the stick. Doing so allows for more control and feel.

So i use white, and i tape most of my stick.

Link to research? Would be interesting to read

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