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Help for a key member of PredNation

My apologies if this is out of place here - mods please delete or move as appropriate. I just wanted to pass along some info I found on Predators PA announcer Paul McCann's blog at HockeyBuzz regarding the Predators' game producer, Ron Zolkower (he's the guy responsible for all the activities, events, and entertainment that go on at Bridgestone during a Predators game:

As the PA Announcer for the Nashville Predators, not only do I have a dream job, I also get to work with a great bunch of entertainment professionals that produce one of the best game experiences in the NHL. The ring leader of this bunch of crazies is a guy named Ron Zolkower. Ron has been the game producer in Nashville for the past five seasons and does an outstanding job herding this particular bunch of cats. I am also very lucky to consider him a friend.

Ron was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 2 and has been successfully managing the disease for all of his life. We’re pretty used to seeing him adjust his insulin pump on a regular basis and calculating to balance the effects of the media meal every game night.

One of the impacts of this disease is that as you age, you lose the ability to sense when your blood sugar is losing its balance. Ron is starting to show these signs, and living alone can be a real challenge when this starts.

There is a solution to this issue, a Diabetic Alert Dog from a great organization in North Carolina called Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws, Inc. A Diabetic Assistance Dog does the following (from the EENP Website)

Diabetic Assistance Dogs use their noses to assist individuals with diabetes by detecting fluctuating blood sugar levels and alerting their handlers to these changes, preventing hypoglycemic comas and helping diabetic individuals to better regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetic Assistance Dogs can rouse a sleeping handler or, if needed, alert another person to the medical emergency.

You can see how this could be so helpful. A dog like this is expensive… and very necessary.

Ron, reluctantly, has set up a fundraising page to help defray these costs. He set a goal that won’t even come close to handling all the costs. Those that know Ron realize that he absolutely hates asking for help here.

I’d love to blow the goal Ron set away, and get as close as we can to the real cost of this.
Click on the link… anything you can do would be a help…

Hockey fans are the best and we take care of our own. Join us, won’t you?

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