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Originally Posted by PHX FireBirds18 View Post
As much as I truly want the Coyotes to advance and move on I think more than anything I just want to see Doan succeed for once. I've seen that guy cry way too many times, taking the blame for losses that weren't even his fault. There's not a more classy guy in the league who is more deserving of a little taste of success.
That, time a million.

In a world filled with spoiled whiny brats who think they are the pinnacle of civilization because they can shoot a basketball, throw a football, shoot a puck, or hit a home run, Doan is one of those guys who is a genuinely nice guy, a hard worker, and an admirable character.

I remember when Charles Barkley did his "I am not a role model" ads. No kidding, I wouldn't want him to be a role model for my kids. But Doan? I can't think of anyone better. If my kids grow up to have even half of the leadership qualities, loyalty, kindness and willingness to work hard to get the job done that Doan has, I will consider myself to be lucky to be their mom.

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