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04-23-2012, 03:17 PM
David Thicke
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You should never really compare two players as there are so many factors that can change their development as well as the paths chosen by each individual; their natural abilities, genetic make-up, work ethic, attitude, hockey IQ for learning new techniques and ideas, coaching and management.

That being said, Tinordi will be Tinordi, not Gill, Komisarek, O'byrne, Pronger or even Chara but for a big man of his height and size, he can skate pretty well at this stage of his development. Nobody thought Chara would become the dominant force that he's turned into with the Bruins. It just takes the really big defenseman so much longer to develop because their skating and balance are always an issue. Chara's natural abilities weren't as good as the other players I mention above including Tinordi's but his work ethic and drive to be the best is second to none. I AM NOT SAYING TINORDI WILL BE A CHARA like d-man.

Here's my take on Tinordi so far in his development:

Tinordi has skating issues which are always the cases for the big men because he has a tendency to get to upright with not enough leg bend causing him balance issues. He hasn't learned to lower his base by widening his stance to get better leverage on the smaller players and has to stay away from taking himself way out of position just to make the big hit, very similar to PK Subban, Nathan Beaulieu and Darren Dietz.

Tinordi needs to continue improving his defensive positioning and reading of the play as it develops in front of him, such as when to chase a player behind his net or stay out front in the slot area to protect his goalie or reading the advancing forward's strong side tendancies which will help him to protect the middle ice and force the forward to be easily angled off to the boards. Will needs to learn to use his stick and reach better defensively and learn to deal with the smaller, speedy forwards. Just look at the trouble he had with Gallagher at the 2012 WJC in the Canada Vs USA behind his net before taking a tripping penalty.

Tinordi will need at least two years at the AHL level because he will take most likely one year to get the feel of the size and speed of the professional game then there will be a bigger improvement in his second year of his overall game. It's still going to be another five years at the NHL level before he should start to show his peak skill set. Anything before this is would be gravy for the Canadiens and based more on his work ethic and desire.

Tinordi has two things that Chara, O'byrne, Komisarik or Gill don't and never will have, it's the help of a father who played in the NHL (Never discount this fact) and a real mean streak. Only Pronger has that.

It is possible that Tinordi can develop his offensive game later. Just look at Chara at the same age, he didn't have one nor did he have as big a shot from the point as he does now. Chara learned to use his leverage and the added weight to shoot the puck much hard. It all takes a lot of effort and hard work. If Tinordi wants it badly enough and continues to work as hard as he does right now or even pushes himself harder to succeed then all bets are off on how good he can really be. Only time will tell but the Canadiens have to develop him carefully and smartly so as not to make the same mistakes as the NYI or OTT made with Chara. My belief is that he could make a good partner with PK Subban or Ellis but he must play his natural side of the left defense. You should never move a big man to his off-side because no matter how good a skater, he just can't pivot fast or well enough on that side plus you lose that long stick which protects the middle of the ice.

That's my opinion on Tinordi for now!

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