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04-23-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
They already have that d-man, Kirby. It's Brent Burns. He will be our #1 going forward and he is earning it with his play. He is already better than Boyle defensively and he is going to be better statistically offensively if he learns to get his shot on net with more consistency.

The way this team ended up and the issues that plague this team will require a lot of turnover, I feel. I just don't think that what is necessary to turn this team around and back into a Cup contending team can all be done in one off-season or even two.

That's why I'd move Vlasic and Boyle this off-season. I think it's a foregone conclusion that Murray is dealt in the off-season and Vandermeer/White are not retained. It will be a lot of turnover and they probably will be worse next year but they're not going to get any better now or in the future keeping Boyle and Vlasic.

I threw Vlasic in here because while he started the year progressing with his puck play and aggressiveness with getting involved offensively, he reverted back as the year went along. He will be unrestricted after next season and I just don't think the reverted Vlasic is the kind of defenseman we need going forward. This team needs to start becoming more of a transition team and Vlasic does not help that out very much.
Vlasic "regressed" offensively because he was taken away from a partner that he worked well with (Burns) and stuck with a puck-hog. Playing with Burns gave him confidence to jump up and shoot more, because he knew that Burns could fly back and cover him as a last resort. Boyle refuses to share the puck and is too risky for Vlasic to take any chances himself without freaking out.

Here are my requirements if Boyle stays:

-Take him off the PK. He needs his minutes severely cut, and taking out hard PK minutes will help.
-Get him the **** away from Vlasic. Maybe Braun would be a suitable partner? All I know is that Vlasic was playing the best hockey of his career with Burns and Murray is an anchor for Burns. Vlasic and Burns together were a legit first pair.
-Give him #3 EV minutes and #1 PP minutes. He shouldn't play more than 22 minutes a night, depending on how much PP time the team gets.

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