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04-23-2012, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
Vlasic "regressed" offensively because he was taken away from a partner that he worked well with (Burns) and stuck with a puck-hog. Playing with Burns gave him confidence to jump up and shoot more, because he knew that Burns could fly back and cover him as a last resort. Boyle refuses to share the puck and is too risky for Vlasic to take any chances himself without freaking out.

Here are my requirements if Boyle stays:

-Take him off the PK. He needs his minutes severely cut, and taking out hard PK minutes will help.
-Get him the **** away from Vlasic. Maybe Braun would be a suitable partner? All I know is that Vlasic was playing the best hockey of his career with Burns and Murray is an anchor for Burns. Vlasic and Burns together were a legit first pair.
-Give him #3 EV minutes and #1 PP minutes. He shouldn't play more than 22 minutes a night, depending on how much PP time the team gets.
I would move Vlasic in a heartbeat for good return.....he is a good stay at home D-man but thats it , pick up Stuart , he is better than Vlasic, might even be cheaper longterm.....Murray has to go

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