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04-23-2012, 04:36 PM
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Hey All,

I've been lurking this forum for a long time and I thought I would post tonight. On the verge of the biggest night since I have become a fan of the Coyotes.

I started watching the Coyotes since the lockout and they have become my favourite team. Being from Vancouver, with all the talent they have, I was drawn to Phoenix as they are one of the hardest working teams I have watched. They're humble, tough(not all toughness is fighting) and most of all they work for each other. They're a family.

After watching Doan's face for the past two series(Actually shed a tear last season when the idiot CBC report started off by asking "What do you think is going to happen to the Coyotes", and all Doan could choke out was "I don't know".) I want to see him smile after a series and getting all the "good luck in the next round" during the hand shakes.

I also want to see Tippett get some success too. I think he is the best coach, bar none in the league and he is the right type of guy for this Coyotes line-up.

Anyways, I will be cheering the Coyotes on loud and proud tonight. With my playoff beard(Was awesome answering people's "Why do you still have your playoff beard" questions). I think this game will be the only game won in RT.

Just so you know, there are some Canadians who don't want Phoenix to move, and this playoff win will show exactly why they belong in the desert. Plus I hope to be able to come down for a game next season as well. Let's Go 'Yotes!

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