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Originally Posted by silkyjohnson50 View Post
Imagine what the NHL would look like if hockey was the #1 sport in the U.S.
Hell, even if it was the #2 or 3 sport.

It would be full of 6 1/2 footers who were explosive, coordinated, and could skate like the wind.
Originally Posted by Granlund2Pulkkinen View Post
Seriously this is true.

Defensive linesmen are like 6'8" 350lbs and can run like a cheetah.

I wish there was more of a stream of American players rather than privileged Northern State white kids.

Comes down the the economics of the sport.
I think if these measurables were really all that important in hockey we would already see tons of players with these attributes. Not saying being 'superhuman' doesn't help but I don't think it is anywhere near as important in hockey as it is in a sport like (American) Football.

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