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11-21-2003, 02:51 PM
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New cba

I heard an intresting proposal for the new cba, a proposal that keeps in mind the intrests of the owners, players, and fans. There would be a luxury tax threshold at 40 million. Above this, teams would have to pay a dollar to a special fund for every dollar they spend over the threshold. Teams would be eligible to attain money from this fund only if they had a payroll over 30 million and under 40 million. Thus, teams could not simply pocket the money they recieve from the luxury tax fund (as happened in baseball). This proposal has some great advantages: 1) since it doesn't involve a hard cap, the players whould not have too much of a problem with it 2) the players should also like the fact that small market teams will pretty much have to spend their luxury tax revenue 3) owners should be happy because it brings in a significant amount of salary control 4) fans should be happy because most teams will end up with payrolls between 30 and 40 million, meaning every team has a shot (as long as they are managed well) and the same teams aren't on top every year. What do you guys think? Any other good proposals? Although we'd all love a 20 million hard cap, let's be realistic. The players simply aren't going to accept something like that.

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