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Review: Rocket Sport Dryer

Just picked this up over the weekend after somebody in the cleaning gear thread mentioned it. I've just set it up in my closet but have not had a chance to put it through its paces yet. Still, I thought I would put up a quick preliminary review with my thoughts.

- Simple to put together. Took me about 15 minutes to clear a spot and put it all together.
- Sturdy construction. I hung my goalie C/A, gloves and pants on the rack and it showed now signs of strain or rickety-ness. Fitting everything on the racks and hooks is a tight fit but I"ll touch on that later.
-There's a timer on the base of the heater that you can set and then the heater turns off automatically. No supervision needed.
- Cost at 99$ is very reasonable. I was more than willing to give it a try at that price, and if it works as advertised it would be priceless.

- The rack is a good size and can fit into tight spaces well. It's about 5 feet tall by 2.5 or 3 feet wide (diameter really, since it is a cylinder). However, getting all the pieces of your hockey equipment will be an exercise in puzzle building. I feel like once I find the best way to get all the pieces of equipment hung up, it will get easier and quicker to do. For now, it is a bit cumbersome but not overly difficult.

- The power cord that comes with the sport dryer is a bit short in my opinion. I will have to run an extension cord from my closet which is in a hallway out to the outlet.

After my game tonight I filled the dryer up with my gear, ran an extension cord to the closet and let 'er rip. Set it to an hour and walked away. One hour later, my gear is as dry as if I never wore them. I easily fit everything in there, except my helmet.

A pleasant surprise was that there was no odour released through the vents at the top of the dryer. I was a bit worried about the smell being vented through the top and just filling up the whole place but the closet is a very closed space and I didn't detect any hints of sweaty hockey gear. Wife will be pleased!

Bottom Line
This thing is the real deal. Works like a charm, very convenient and easy to use. Leaves your gear dry and odour-less; although I suspect after a couple months of use you'll want to wash the gear a bit just in case. If you're strapped for space this thing is a godsend. It also comes with a little travel bag (no bigger than a small duffel bag) that you can stick everything in for road trips and out of town games. Again, at 99$ it really is a small investment with great returns.

I can post pictures of it, with my gear hanging and stuff, if anyone wants. One thing to note is that my dryer came with a light blue cover, whereas all the pictures I've seen online have it in black.

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