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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Ehh, don't know about that. Maybe in the past, but currently I would say American Goaltenders > Canada and Sweden

Quick, Miller, Schneider, Thomas, Howard(bleh, but some think he's good), all are at worst top 15 goalies, top-10 for the first four.

Canada has Ward, Luongo, Fleury, Price, and Brodeur for their top five. I would say the best two out of the five would be Price and Ward, and they are still beat out by Quick, Miller, and Thomas, possibly Schneider as well.

Finland beats everyone. No competition. Rinne, Backstrom, Kiprusoff(sp?), Niemi, etc.

Sweden has...Lundqvist. Who else? Markstrom?

Russia has Varlamov. Whoo hoo.

I'd say American goaltenders are at the top of their game right now, close to Finland.

Now only if Minnesotan goalies could get to that level. Are there just not as many goalie camps out there for them to attend? Skaters have a slew of camps available at basically all times. Are there many goalie-centric camps out there?
Funny you should say that because I've been having that exact same discussion with someone on another forum. He's a Canadian and concedes America is the world leader right now in terms of netminders.

I was wondering who Team USA picks for our '14 Olympic team. By that time I don't think Miller or Thomas will even be needed.

I was thinking Vezina boy Quick will start (he was third string at the '10 Games) and then a Schneider next and then...maybe Illinois boy Anderson?

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