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11-21-2003, 03:42 PM
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Theres always room for good players, do you think Bouillon is the type of player you build a team with? he's good at plugging holes but we need our D like Hainsey. He's got way too much talent to trade away unless what we get is a young bonafide 1st liner. I don't see how you would put Hainsey ahead of Quintal, Rivet and Brisebois as the most likely candidate to be traded. Hainsey can play both sides so the top 4 could actually be Souray, Hainsey, Markov and Komisarek which woould be pretty wicked. Quintal and Rivet should go way before Hainsey. Especially since we haven't even given him a chance.

EDIT: And how would trading Hainsey make room for KOmisarek? it would only make us even older, which we're trying to prevent btw.

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