Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers @ Senators ECQF Game 6
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04-23-2012, 09:47 PM
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Wow I'm still not settled down.*

Some thoughts:

1. It is ridiculous the impact Hagelin has on our lineup. His speed and ability to win battles is invaluable for Rich and Gabby. Glad to have ya back kid.

2. POTG has to be Hank. So many clutch saves. Richards really stepped up, as did Stepan. But Hank won it for us IMO.

3. How bout that Kreider kid eh? Beyond the goal he was a monster tonight. TREMENDOUS improvement in four games. Entire line looked great.

4. I was hot at the last goal. The inconclusive excuse is such crap. Do the right thing. The interference was ridiculous, and I still think Neil grazed it. Hanks stick never moves towards the net as far as I could tell.

5. Chris Neil...whining about a headshot. Oh the irony. What a hypocrite.

Hopefully the team follows up this performance better than their last win. But this was an epic night to be thankful for.

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