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04-23-2012, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by flountown View Post
Meh, I get mad when I hear people spout that mentality, last time I checked, people on the lower level stand to watch shoot outs and tend to enjoy the game a bit more. People upstairs have a more negative outlook and it annoys me sometimes, and to be fair, my season tickets are upstairs, the peasant thing is a joke my buddy and I have when we hang out with my Dad's buddy and gets us into his suite, or lower level seats.

Also, I can't find the back cover photo, so I can't judge whether I have a Doppelganger in the image or not...

I was wrong and it was NOT the front nor rear DN cover... I have been trying to find were I saw it to show you since I posted that but can't find it. It was of the players after IIRC a Flyers goal or hit... and the fans (in the corner?) are getting on a Penguin player(s) something fierce... one guy yelling I swear looks like your double and I thought it was you. I think he had on a WC jersey. I will keep trying because it has now got me pissed that I didn't copy it when I found it and cannot find it.

As for the lower level... maybe they enjoy the game more because they are usually sitting there for free, having been given the seats.

I kid... I kid

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