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04-23-2012, 11:42 PM
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Crowd Chants at the Garden - Discuss them here

First, a huge high five to you all. You know how it felt tonight. I was right there with ya. My two boys, 6 and 8, were right there too. Huge win with huge character. But now it's on to the most amazing, nail biting, suspenseful, battle of warriors to the death in all of sports; a game 7 in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

All year we battled for one thing: home ice advantage. We got it. We need to use it and of course we will. So what I thought would be interesting is to start a thread where we post chants we'd like to hear at the Garden on Thursday. Some good Neil ones are warranted of course, as are some good adrenaline building ones. So got any you'd like to hear? I say post them, and if we get some built up that fit the bill maybe we can take the best, vote on them, and find a way to make sure they get started on Thursday. One thing's for sure: The Garden is gonna be rockin! But the crowd plays a huge part in my opinion. So let's give 'em some ideas to get their chant on!

Forgive me if this is deemed moronic. But I'm pretty juiced right now, and would love to see some good chants come out of this that we can use Thursday. Up for it?

There's one that's been in my head all series that I wished I would hear during a game. If Ott scores and especially if they take the lead, I would love to hear a chant of "It don't ma tter!". After all, resilience is our strongest ally.

As far as Neil goes, I know you all probably got a hundred of em ready to go already. I don't want a simple booooo for him. I want something creative. I'm having trouble thinking of any but I bet some of you don't. All I came up with was "You don't scare us" or "Neil's a pu ssy". Not good enough, I know.

For a generic one, I wouldn't mind hearing "Grab your golf clubs!".

Ok, I'm babbling a bit, I know. Can't help it. This team means so much to me so I'm a bit flustered right now. I want this. So badly I want this. One more game. Then reset and move on.

But we've got the chants on our side. The fans can play a role in a game 7. They can wage psychological warfare and actually, in some small way, make a difference. I guess I just wanna make the most of the opportunity is all. So at the least, I'm hoping you all will at least humor me.

Let's Go Rangers!!!!

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