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04-23-2012, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by MDL8981 View Post
Are you going to defend Neil spearing Hank in the crease, even allowing that puck to magically cross the line?
I'd have to watch the replay again and watch specifically to see what Neil does to impede Lundqvist (if he does anything at all). My recollection holds that he did not do anything to Lundqvist.

Originally Posted by nevesis View Post
Excellent argumentation.

Originally Posted by Click View Post
The refs also sucked, as stated by every Sens fan tonight time and time again.

They didn't call goalie interference on Neil when he clearly used his stick to shove Lundqvist out of the crease. Then to make matters worse, they called it a goal, when Neil clearly kicked the puck in. Toronto added to the embarrassment by allowing the goal when it was clearly a kicking motion that sent the puck into the net, regardless of the fact that Lundqvist's glove touched the puck AFTER Neil kicked it.

LOL @ a Sens mod in here trying to defend that obvious blown call.
Again, I'd have to review it to see if Neil interfered with Lundqvist.

As far as the kicking the puck in goes, it was obviously a kicking motion by Neil - however, it's a flip of the coin as to whether the ref thought Neil actually contacted it or whether he saw Lundqvist's stick push the puck in the net (note: stick, not glove). Ref said 'no' and video review was inconclusive.

The last sentence is completely unnecessary, just ad hominem.

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