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04-23-2012, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Click View Post
Why do you keep saying you have to watch the replay again? I saw it during the game and it was clear as day Neil had both hands on his stick, shoved it into Lundqvist's stomach, pushed Lundqvist to the side, then proceeded to kick the puck into the net.
Because I didn't notice it during play, so I would want to go and double-check the replay paying attention to Neil's stick instead of watching the puck before conclusively arguing Neil was or was not interfering with Lundqvist.

Why do you think Neil HAD to kick it in? It's because his stick was embedded into Lundqvist's stomach the whole time. He couldn't put his stick on the ice or the puck.
I didn't know why Neil was attempting to kick it in, because as I have said, I was not paying attention to his stick, just his skate and whether it made contact with the puck. That's why I went to watch the goal again.

Stop trying to defend the indefensible. Refs sucked and made terrible (non) calls against/for both teams tonight (I'd argue in Senator's favor). Toronto claimed ignorance just like you are, and added to the already strong belief by most fans, that the NHL is an absolute joke.
Let's review what I've said:

It is not definitive whether or not Neil kicks it in or whether Lundqvist's stick knocks it in.
It is definitive that Neil makes a kicking motion at the puck.
I was unsure of whether Neil interfered with Lundqvist so I needed to review it

Upon review: it is definitive that Neil interferes with Lundqvist.
It is definitive that the NHL War Room could not overturn the goal call on the basis of these three points in accordance with the NHL rulebook.

.: The goal should not have counted, but it did because refs have to make split-second reactions and the War Room cannot overturn all ref decisions.

Now, quit attacking me personally on the basis that I'm a Sens fan and start critically evaluate what I'm actually saying.

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