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Originally Posted by Lassse34 View Post
im sure your discussed this over and over in the past there an updated roster list of the slovaks? and which nhl will come?
G Ján Laco 1981
G Peter Hamerlík 1982
G Július Hudáček 1988

D Ivan Baranka 1985
D Milan Hruška 1985
D Kristián Kudroč 1981
D Vladimír Mihálik 1987
D Peter Mikuš 1985
D Andrej Sekera 1986
D Michal Sersen 1985
D Tomáš Starosta 1981
D Richard Stehlík 1984
D René Vydarený 1981
D Dominik Graňák 1983*

F Milan Bartovič 1981
F Mário Bližňák 1987
F Martin Cibák 1980
F Vladimír Dravecký 1985
F Marcel Haščák 1987
F Marcel Hossa 1981
F Marek Hovorka 1984
F Libor Hudáček 1990
F Milan Kytnár 1989
F Michel Miklík 1982
F Juraj Mikúš 1987
F Branko Radivojevič 1980
F Štefan Ružička 1985
F Miroslav Šatan 1974
F Rastislav Špirko 1984
F Tomáš Surový 1981
F Tomáš Tatar 1990

*will join team after KHL play-offs are over

Andrej Sekera is the only NHLer on the roster. Milan Jurčina was with the team, but got injured in the first period of the first game he played and is out for the rest of the season. Michal Handzuš is supposedly 50/50 currently. No word on Hossa yet, but considering his injury it´s highly unlikely. All others are still involved in NHL play-offs (with Halak´s St. Louis and Meszaros´s Philadelphia already through in Round 2, but both of them were injured anyway). Depending on the results of Bruins, Rangers and Panthers´ next game, there still is some chance for Zdeno Chára, Marián Gáborík and Tomáš Kopecký. To put it simple - not looking good at all.

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