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04-24-2012, 07:20 AM
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I think Marc Denis is perfect.

As for Pierre Houde, he's clearly losing it. I mean, I have the greatest respect for him, but his time is starting to run out.

There are countless exemples of him being lost, searching for his words while action is developping, making mistake in describing what happens right in front of everyone's eyes, etc

Last night when Chris Neil was decked by Del Zotto, I'm fairly sure Pierre Houde didn't even see it. Neil was on the ice, the ref blows the whistle and Pierre's like ''and offside....'' there's a huge silence, the replay goes on, Marc Denis says ''big hit....'' there's another silence, and then Pierre says ''well we're going to take a break'' I mean... wow... nice job

So many times there clearly is a penalty or an offside, and Pierre never knows what the hell is going on, and even sometime when the camera shows the player going to the box, Pierre is still saying ''Kessel went offside there..''

Casavant is doing amazing, and so is Felix Seguin. Time to move on from Houde in my opinion. He's become annoying

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