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04-24-2012, 09:10 AM
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Roster for Sochi 2014

Hello guys.
I know, it's really early for this discussion. But I think this roster will be by far more interesting than the one for the WC12, since our young players will be developed and our overall depth becomes much better.

(Already posted that here, but I think here would be a fairly better place to discuss this topic)

Nino Niederreiter - Luca Cunti - Damien Brunner
# Scoring line: Cunti as playmaker, Niederreiter and Brunner as scorers. Able to play a gritty game.
Sven Bärtschi - Andrej Bykov - Julien Sprunger
# Scoring line: Bykow and Bärtschi are fast, great passers while Sprunger is a cold scorer. Could be a little soft, but we should see some beautiful plays from this line.
Joël Vermin - Peter Guggisberg - Roman Wick
# Scoring line: Peter Guggisberg is (when he's healthy) whithout a doubt the most spectacular player in Switzerland: Great hands, plays a gritty game, very, VERY fast... Roman Wick is a great allrounder for the wings and Joël Vermin does, despite his age, a great job in Bern. Risky line, but if it works...
Gregory Sciaroni - Andres Ambühl - Thomas Deruns
# Grinding line: Ambühl, Deruns and Sciaroni are playing an annoying game. All of them are great forecheckers and could be useful playing against the top lines.
Christoph Bertschy
# Well, no other options

Mark Streit (if still playing) - Luca Sbisa
# No comment needed
Roman Josi - Partick von Gunten
# 2 solid 2-way Ds, could develop a great chemistry
Raphael Diaz - Philippe Furrer
# PMD + Checking threat
Yannick Weber (?)
# Oh well, I'm not a fan of Weber. But no better options so far

Jonas Hiller
# No comment needed
Leonardo Genoni
# No comment needed
Reto Berra / Tobias Stephan
# Berra based on last season. Stephan is the "safe" pick.

Surprisingly good depth at C, solid wingers, good D, great goaltending
This team could surprise

What do you guys think? I don't know if we should use Cunti in the first line, but he doesn't seem to be out of place for me.

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