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04-24-2012, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
I'll add to the Bracknell rink:
Pros: It's warm, the ice is blue
Cons: The ice is always wet, it's decorated like the children's ward of a hospital, and you have to dodge numerous pucks if you sit upstairs behind the goals

Now I'll do Swindon:
Pros: Willie Wildcat is the most awesome mascot in all of sports, good sightlines, cheesy chips from the cafe
Cons: annoying kid who stands by the zamboni doors with his drum every game chanting "Ryan Aldridge barmy army" annoying man who stands behind the away goal shouting "HARDER!!" every time someone makes a hit, if you buy tickets late you are likely to be sat in the "kid zone" with all the schools, and the logo is copied from high school musical
I sit at the very edge of block 1, I couldnt sit directly behin the goal, I've seen far too many people take one straight in the chops, especially when youve got goalies like Rockman who love to angle pucks off the glass.

The ice needs a good re-do, from scratch, re paint the lines etc. Its probably the only rink you could ever wear shorts in, but its too warm, you watch the zamboni go over the ice and it looks like someone had a go at it with a garden hose. Just want the Nike group to pull their finger out....sigh.

Never been to Swindon, although I know all about that silly away ticket situation. Probably wouldnt have been an issue had the rink been built properly.

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