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Originally Posted by silkyjohnson50 View Post
Don't want to derail the thread too much, but the majority (enormous majority) of "Seth Jones" in the U.S. don't ever pick up a hockey stick.

I love hockey more than any other sport in the world, but the most physically gifted athletes in the U.S. typically don't grow up playing hockey.

I've summed it up this way in the past: If all of the athletes in the NHL grew up playing basketball/football over hockey, the NBA/NFL wouldn't look a whole lot different. If, however, all of the athletes in ther NBA/NFL grew up playing/choosing hockey... well, i think you see where i'm headed with this.

Back to the main topic, it's been a while since i've been this excited about a U.S. prospect.
Agreed about derailing the thread so this will be my last point and then we can probably agree to disagree.

It would be foolish of me to argue that hockey being higher up in the pecking order in the US wouldn't have an impact on the make up of the NHL so I won't.

What I am saying is in some countries hockey is higher up the pecking order and those countries as a general rule still aren't sending 6'6 260lbs monsters to the NHL.

I guess I am trying to make two points...

1) It's not like the US has a monolopy on big & tall athletes (given the population they would obviously have more than say Canada or Finland) so if being 6'6 260lbs was all that important in hockey we would see more of these types of athletes coming from countries where compared to the US hockey is more often the sport of choice among elite athletes.

2) I think if more Americans played hockey it would simply mean more Americans, of roughly the same height and weight that play in the NHL now, would be in the NHL. I doubt the league would suddenly be filled with players you look like NBA power forwards or NFL linebackers.

But ya... totally the wrong thread for this discussion... Sorry 'bout that folks.

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