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04-24-2012, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Kalil - Team goes from an already awful line to, a slightly less awful one? The teams biggest issue in terms of offensive line play in pass protection AND run blocking. Given that most all of their pressure in the passing game comes from the interior (and it got even worse over the offseason), I don't see how drafting Kalil helps; not to mention makes any sort of an impact on this team. Especially in a division that features the interiors that it does. When we see Adrian run the ball, he's often met at the QB as he receives the hand off. Again, that's OG play and not OT play. Charlie Johnson was awful last season at LT, yet, only yielded 8 sacks and 26 pressures. What should be expect from Kalil; cut it in half? Even that may be optimistic. All in all, what sort of impact is that making? I'd argue minimal and then the team is still awful at both guard positions. Hard to make up for shoddy guard play. Much easier to do so with questionable tackle play. Even more so when the team plans on running a lot of two TE sets given the addition of Carlson...

CB/WR in the 2nd round - Every single year a draft is said to be soooo deep at WR and CB. Yet we see most of those players picked in the 2nd-3rd round fizzle out as they're drafted there for a reason. Mostly because they have just enough tools to make teams intrigued but lack critical aspects to their game's. On a team like the Vikings, picking one of those players at that spot is a waste of an asset in my opinion. As neither is going to start and will need a lot of developmental time. If they fail to address these two positions in the first round, I believe it would be best to find a starter at guard or linebacker as each have significant voids and both positions are fairly fluid in terms of translating.

^^^ I believe if the Vikings were to go that sort of route in the draft in a few days, they will be cemented as the rightful owners of the '13 #1 Overall Pick. Whether or not that should be seen as a bad thing is certainly up for debate, though.
Charlie johnson shifting inside and the guy we got from carolina should help a lot with interior line play if we get kalil. Also it's a contract year for loadholt so I expect a big year from him at RT. Vikings would easily move into the top half of the league in line play if they added kalil

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