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Originally Posted by TrueBlue86 View Post
the wood might absorb a lot of the sweat and the smell

it could work if you apply the proper coating to it

i plan on making a tree out of pvc piping. i don't think it'll be very expensive and looks really easy to do, like putting a puzzle together.

i plan on putting a dehumidifier near it and maybe a fan. should be dry overnight
I hang my gear in the basement over a dehumidifier and near a fan. All my gear (1 goalie set and one skater set) is dry in four hours (fan and dehumidifiers are on timers).

It works great for drying the gear but I have noticed a couple drawbacks. For one during the winter when the basement is the driest the leather on my gloves gets rock hard. During the summer it's not an issue because the relative humidity in the basement allows the glove leather to retain some of its suppleness.

The other problem is that the dehumidifier pulls the sweaty nasty moisture out of the equipment a little too well. "Awesome, thats what I want", you say, well just be warned that when the dehumidifier exhausts the dehumidified air it doesnt filter out the odor and it can make the area reek worse than a few locker rooms I've been in.

There are a few mornings were I walk by the basement door and have to spray some air freshened because the odor is creeping up the stairs. I think it's a fair tradeoff for dry gear, but my wife doesn't seem to agree.

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