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Originally Posted by Wild48 View Post
Charlie johnson shifting inside and the guy we got from carolina should help a lot with interior line play if we get kalil. Also it's a contract year for loadholt so I expect a big year from him at RT. Vikings would easily move into the top half of the league in line play if they added kalil
Charlie Johnson is brutal at one position but he'll absolutely be servicable at another? Ya, I don't buy that argument that many want to float. Nor do I expect anything from Schwartz. And that's ignoring that every single player on that line will be lining up next to a new face (continuity being the most important factor in OL play). Loadholt graded out to actually be the worst lineman on the Vikings last year. Expecting him to be sound because it's a contract year seems to be pretty flimsy thinking.

Originally Posted by squidz View Post
@ TP

No matter how many times I read your opinion on drafting Kalil, I come away with the same interpretation: "Our OL is so bad that one player wouldn't fix it. Therefore we should not make attempts ot improve it."

You follow up with some good arguments, but that's always how it ends up sticking. However, I disagree with your arguments about the impact of a good OL. Look at the teams that have recently won championships, or made it deep into the playoffs. They all have one thing in common, and it's not quarterback play. They all find a way to keep the QB upright more often than other teams. Yes, it takes more than one player to achieve, but you can only draft one player with each pick.
If you've followed me on the site where I do talk football, I do state I want several changes on the offensive line. Most notably the guard positions. I wanted them addressed seriously in the offseason and I wanted to see the Vikings use another high selection on another guard. I just don't see the value in selecting a tackle highly. To me it's akin to drafting a goalie at the same slot in the NHL.

As for your championships argument, I see teams with very inept left tackle play and great QBs. Overall, yes they do have sound offensive lines. However, they're all very good in the interior which gives their QBs time and space to see down field and step into the pocket. Yes, a blindside hit can absolutely hurt your team. But I'll take my chances with that over a team being able to flood the interior and see Ponder fleeing the pocket every chance he could get last season.


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