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Originally Posted by TrueBlue86 View Post
the wood might absorb a lot of the sweat and the smell

it could work if you apply the proper coating to it

i plan on making a tree out of pvc piping. i don't think it'll be very expensive and looks really easy to do, like putting a puzzle together.

i plan on putting a dehumidifier near it and maybe a fan. should be dry overnight
I gave it a few coats with a mold and mildew resistant latex paint that I had kicking around.

It ain't the prettiest thing around, but it does the job. The most labour intensive part (even with a palm sander) was actually sanding it all down as I didn't want any sharp edges to catch the gear.

I'm happy to post pics if anyone is interested. It can be assembled in like an hour as long as you've got a drill and a saw.

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