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04-24-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
One of the funniest/most ridiculous things is that the chief organizer actually said that he's not worried, he expects some more tickets to be sold from the door...

"Oh, hey, look! There was 150 euros between the couch cushions... guess I should tidy up more often. What to do... I know! I go see a game!"
It's ridiculous. The dude actually has the balls to say that, he might as well say that he doesn't give a flying **** wether or not Finland's games are sold out. IMO it would be a disaster if every Finland game is not filled to the brink. And like this they will be playing for 5000 people in the France and Belarus games. Oh and ofcourse they wont be filled to the brink with these prices. If they had any humility in them they would accept the fact that they went overboard with the prices and then sell them at lower rates. But no, they don't give a ****. Jabba the Hutt even said that "It don't matter that every seat isn't sold out, we will reach our budget anyway". I'm starting to really get sick of the oversized toad and his pack of sausagebuddies.

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