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04-24-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by BWAVgal View Post
Their problems are Amaro's fault. He knew that both Utley and Howard would be out for a while. He should have gotten some better pieces to fill the voids these two hitters leave. Derrick Lee would be a nice fill in for first base than Mayberry and Thome as much as I love these two.
I don't know. I think Amaro made a mistake with signing the same type of players. Nix, Thome, and Wigginton are all the same player more or less. However, I don't think he really expected Chase to be out long term, but if the reports are true Chase feels better than he did at any point last year, so I think we might be looking at a return in the next couple weeks.

Also, part of the reason they're sucking is because Mayberry has completely fallen apart. You couldn't have anticipated that. You had to be thinking he would give you more or less what you got last year, as he was a guy with a ton of potential that never figured it out. You thought he finally figured it out, but he didn't.

Another reason for the offense sucking is Polanco. You know he'd get hurt at some point, but he was still a good hitter last year when he wasn't hurt. He looks completely shot now, and he's supposedly healthy.

Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
He can play 2nd and I'm pretty sure he's fairly comfortable at 3rd. I can understand the problem with playing LF though. Either way, too late now. He wasn't going to come here to ride the bench if/when our guys gets healthy.
I don't think he can really play 2nd anymore though, I could be wrong. But you're right it doesn't matter because he would eventually go back to being a bench player, and that wouldn't fly with someone who is a starter.

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