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04-24-2012, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by blackcell View Post
I'm in college and we've got a club ice hockey team. I know I could contact the team about this info, but I just wanted to ask the community too. Do club teams have you buy new equipment (correct colored gloves, helmet, etc) to play? I understand with pants, you can just wear a shell, and everything else would fit the uniform.

Thank you
I play in the sechl too! (UT- but don't look us up, it's embarrassing...) If I recall correctly, you guys did have stuff that I think your team/coach/whatever would have to order themselves because it was all UF colors, even the pants. However, you might be paying for it anyway if you pay club dues like most clubs have to- it could be included in there depending on your fan base. We have virtually no fans so we have to pay for everything ourselves. If you guys have a lot of fans to sell jerseys, tickets, etc. to then you might not have to pay much at all.
I hope you have fun playing club, it's a little 'different' but still loads of fun!

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