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11-21-2003, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by FlavorFlav
...we will magically cleanse the organization of 90% of the crud by the end of this season. I'm stealing the following from another thread:

Lose to FA:
Andreas Dackell, (III)
Joe Juneau, (III)
Darren Langdon, (III)
Yannick Perrault, (III)
Stephane Quintal, (III)
Niklas Sundstrom, (II)
Patrick Traverse, (II)
Sylvain Blouin, (II)
Pierre Dagenais, (II)
Jean-Francois Damphousse, (II)
Gordie Dwyer, (II)
Eric Fichaud, (II)

This makes up essentially the bulk of the dead weight whose salaaries do not deserved to be paid.

Who would you sign? Personally, I like Langdon, Sundstrom (effective when used properly) and possibly Dagenais (for his size).

Then some young guys move up (like what, 3?) If we can then possibly trade for somebody with a bit of size, keep Kilger and Ward, we got us a team, folks.
Talk about cleansing... man that list is like what BRAN is suppose to do for one's insides!

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