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Originally Posted by SEALVESTER View Post
What's up?

Those sunglasses look like they were bought at walgreens in the summer aisle.

I'm also ticked that this Shades is fatter than the fat guy at the magic games. Seriously, why? If they were afraid the old suit stank, how about just getting a fresh suit? Every time you look at photos of the old Shades, it smacks you in the face and goes "I'm a BA."

I had a really cool story for it too:
Every since the old Solar Bears folded, Shades became brainwashed by RDV and took on the name "shivers" where he just skated around with children on the weekends with no hockey. Then one day, Bob Ohrablo (or whoever you want) came to him and help Shades regain his memory of the good days and helped him once again, to fulfill his destiny as the Chuck Norris of mascots.

It could use some tweaking, but no point now I guess.
The original Shades suit was sold to the Austin IceBats to be made into a bat. That's an easy replacement. The head piece is harder to replicate without having an actual version. The guy who played Shades at the end might still have it, or RDV, being RDV, put it on a pike somewhere.

I'm more partial to the backstory of Shades being in hibernation, and them having to wake the bear when they were going to knock down the Amway Center. Shades woke up to a world of the future that he did not envision. The mouse was still there, but that's all Orlando still seemed to be. What happened to the hope for Orlando?

Shades restarts the Solar Bears himself, dedicated to the glory of himself, and that Orlando is not just a place for British people to spend holiday, and a cheap basketball team that feels they put out a good enough 'product'.

Shades is Orlando's Batman. He's the hero we deserve right now, and also the one that it wants. In fact, he's greater than The Batman.

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