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03-14-2006, 08:35 AM
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Don't you wish Mr. Snider

would wake up this morning and do what the devils did a few years ago. I know it was Lou who fired the coach and repalced him but I think Clarkie and Hitch should be gone.
Bring in Lombardi as the new GM and let Stevens take over this ship. Lets be honest, against the Pens Hitch was just standing behind the bench not saying anything, it wasn't the silent treatment- it is the beginning of a mutiny- he recognizes the players have tuned him out, he is looking for any spark. The guys who are oin the ice do as they please. There is no consistancy with the coaching!
Example 10 seconds remaining against the Sabres, instead of putting out your "safe" line he puts out the Forsberg line. Granted Gagne is responsible he is the only one whom was defending. Forsberg doesn't trap and ultimately let his man go at centre ice resulting in the 4.7 breakdown. Not only is this a disrespect to the coach but to your teammates also. And this isn't even a hack on Forsberg.
Our powerplay is awful, slow and still lacking a right hand shot. Our penalty kill is passive and there is never any authority on a clear, we never clear on the first attempt, there is always a play at the line.
Our forecheck is no longer a threat because it is non existant and finally the most embarrassing thing is when the opposition clearly indicates prior during and after the game that their motive is to get the puck behingd our defense and work from there as the are slow. Fix it, it is obvious and the constant game plan against. We need to clear the puck from our zone immediately and win the battles from the neutral zone in, allowing for movement into the oppsing zone as a unit, shorter passes, resulting in fewer turnovers and double team situations as we approach the line.
As for the powerplay, I am stumped, because Forsberg is the director, there is no need for a man in front of the net, the cross ice pass is blocked less if their is no traffic- our second unit requires a differnt look and benefits from crashing the net.
Example Unit 1 Forsberg Gagne Nedved Unit 2 Knuble Umberger Richards. This team needs to simplify we are making it far too easy for the oppostion and way too hard for ourselves. We need to play like the devils and Flyers of old, defense first and offense when the opportunity presents. If we improve our defense we gain confidence and trust. This team is called the Flyers not the Forsbergs so lets play as a team not let one guy play like a team.

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