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04-24-2012, 06:51 PM
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I certainly don't agree with Dupont's premise- but a few comments about what is going on.

This is all about exposure. We didn't have access to this stuff years ago. You can't pick your nose these days without someone getting it on film.

You think if we had all this stuff in 1967 and some soldier put up a video of innocent woman and children being slaughtered the war wouldn't have ended by the next day. People would be outraged and they would put so much pressure on their elected officials results would happen fast.

As for resolvement of the problems- its very fundamental and mirrors just about any situation where there is a correction needed. First off policing themselves sounds good and whatever you get out of that theory is fine, however, you just have to have some major reprecussions. They have been way to soft- and one game, three games, five games- all have minimal effect....ten games and 25 games gets ones attention.

But back to the rail against the violence by KDP. Certainly there is a problem but his campaign and railing is suprising to me. I really don't get the scope he has undertaken and the more I read him the more I think maybe its time to let go of the game he loves or loved. It has its warts but warts don't kill atleast I don't think they do.

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