Thread: On the Radio: Official Sports Radio Thread Part 7
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04-24-2012, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
But what's really best for the team?

The moment Bard became a starter, he had the best stuff of all our starters. Would you trade a young starter with that kind of pure stuff for an above average setup man? Because that's what you're asking here, and my answer is, heck no. The correct solution is to find another option at closer. The only reason we're here is the FO's ineptitude at doing so.

That's not Bard's fault and he should not be pilloried for calling attention to that. Or for holding the FO to the promises it made to him.

Felger is dead wrong. The front office is the source of the problem here, both for failing to adequately replace Bard, and for trying to get around their promises to him.

Unless you think the MANAGEMENT has no obligation whatsoever to the PLAYERS? Because that's what you're really saying if you say that Bard's the only one with any obligations here.
Short of paying them as outlined in their contract, and perhaps not putting them in physical danger? No. The management has no obligation whatsoever to the players.

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