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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Worst bruin? He'd have to be for them to let Washington dress him against his own team!

Your point stands, however. Wideman is awful.

As for Bouillon, liked the guy, but he wouldn't have brought much to the team had we kept him. Sure, he'd have been a serviceable bottom pairing D for us, but that doesn't solve any of the problems we'd had. No thanks to Bouillon, but would love more guys with his kind of heart.
I am pretty sure that Wideman plays for the Washington Bruins

The problems we have are caused by awful asset and cap management. Sadly, when I look at, I see a team that is handcuffed until 2014, unless of course Kaberle, Markov, Gomez and Gionta can be moved. I also see a team that cannot hope to become a contender via the UFA market. As such, I don't want to see the team repeat its errors by patching holes with 4-5 year contracts. Decent UFAs typical want such a lenght, especially the 30+ guys. I feel that one exception could be Semin, and I really don't mind giving him a wealthy 2 year contract. At worst, he sucks and we will get rid of him with the other bad contracts, leaving the cap unharmed. If anything, it will give Plekanec a slight reason to cheer after spending the whole year with a bunch of plugs.

So this is why I would't mind signing a cheap veteran 6th D. Guys like Bouillon will likely agree to a 1year minimum wage contract. The team isn't one bottom 6th D away from contending, therefore the goal should be to not handcuff ourselves even more, all while ensuring that the likes of Weber and Diaz don't see too much ice time. Naturally, such guys aren't the ones you go after on July 1st, they are Plan C or D, but we always end up there...

This plan is awful if you are delusional enough to think that the Habs will bounce back via 1-2 minor changes. Nope. If I were the new GM, I'd sell a ''tank'' to Molson by blaming the previous management, and I would then capitalize on the bounce back. It works pretty well in many other businesses, I don't see why it couldn't apply to hockey. The new GM will be able to blame bad contracts and uncertainty surrounding the CBA. So what is next year's #failfornail?

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