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Originally Posted by EbonyRaptor View Post
Kane should not be traded.

But he needs to be held accountable by the coaching staff and his teammates. Is he better defensively than he used to be - yes, but he's not consistently better. He still dogs it back on defense far too often to be an on-ice leader on the Hawks. He still goes rogue too often where he'll go one on three and lose the puck creating a turnover situation. His shooting seems to have regressed in terms of accuracy and willingness to shoot (lack of confidence in his shot?). Maybe it's wrist related, but doubtful because it was below his standard all season.

It's unfair to compare anyone to Toews' will to win, compete level, dedication, because he is one of those special few athletes who has those intangibles that match his world class physical ability. But, fair or unfair, it's clear that although Kane also has world class physical ability - he come no where near Toews dedication to being the best he can be. It seems like Kane has achieved success and doesn't have the fire in his belly to make himself better - at least not to the extent that produce noticeable results.

In a perfect world, Kane would dedicate himself to improving every aspect of his game. He would borrow Crosby's dryer and shoot pucks all summer long. He would spend more time strength training and less time partying. And when the puck drops next October, his first priority would be to keep the opposition from scoring.

He needs to think of himself less as an entertainer and more as a hockey player.
You mean.. kinda like he did just last summer?

And, no offense, but you're crazy if you think any player with Kane's skill level/offensive ability will put top priority on stopping the other team from scoring over scoring themselves. That's what you have Bolland's for.

Toews cares more about defense than your average star, but even he would rather score a goal than prevent one, I'm sure.

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