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03-14-2006, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by SheroWorship
Having grown up in watching Sam Pollock manipulate trades and draft picks like an adult stealing from children I can say that there are better GM's than Clarke.

But not many.

However compared to what's available there is no one to replace him with that is any better. And by better I mean consistent over... say 5 years... at trades and acquiring draft picks and who is available. Consider that the Flyers have consistently finished near the top year after year.

I am equally frustrated that we cannot grab the Cup but I don't see the issue as a GM problem. I think Hitchcock is a fine coach but it may be time to replace him. I do not put the lack of a championship squarely on his shoulders. Injuries plague this team like no other in the league... and depth will only take you so far before things fall apart. There's also the new issue that the league rule changes have left his coaching a little out dated. I don't think he has adjusted the offense enough.

I don't know much about who leads our Phantoms team and won the Championship. Is he ready?

There was also a coach in Buffalo - I believe he was native american - that was very successful and is completely of the radar... and I'm not certain why.

What we need is someone like Lemaire or Robinson. These two know how to play the game and have had consistent success at coaching.
doesn't compute with how he had the team playing in November and December. he adjusted just fine. people can say they're tired of hearing it, but the injuries clearly de-railed this team in january and it has been a struggle to recover to the playing-form we displayed earlier in the year.

are we going to recover? i don't know... however, i don't think there is anything that suggests Hitch hasn't grasped the new NHL. the players aren't playing well as a team at the moment, but earlier in this year they were...

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