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04-25-2012, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by EbencoyE View Post
What do you mean aiming for 2018? Aiming to be competitive? I think the only way they will be competitive is if they get some naturalized foreigners like Italy did in 2006 to beef up their roster a little. Richard Park would probably be their best "prospect", but he would have to sign with a Korean team pretty soon to get his 4 years in.

If you mean qualify for the Olympics, they automatically qualify as hosts.

Likely, but it is also likely that they can win a couple games and stay up. The great thing about the new format is that pretty much all the teams within a group are fairly equal and can beat each other any given day. It's impossible to predict how South Korea will play next year. I think they could definitely beat Great Britain, maybe even Japan and Hungary.
Are you sure of this. I meant "aiming" to qualify yes. But if they would be automatically qualified I would say they should aim to get good enough to avoid beeing the laughing-stock of the olympics...

My guess is that they have show some sort of quality before they get an automatic qualification. If the can stay in the Div 1A, it would be pretty well done by them. Perhaps that should be enough...though that's just a guess by me obviously. To stay in at least Div 1A it will take some effort by the South Koreans. They will have to spend some money on development, if they havent already.

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