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Originally Posted by doakacola View Post
Compared to when? THE Big Bad Bruins and 1970's Flyers would get their heads handed to them by about 75% of today's NHL teams in a brawl setting.
No doubt, but there are far less brawls today then back then. Which would make it less violent. I'm not talking about the shape that the players are in, I'm talking about the actual on ice violence, fighting, brawls and such. There is far less of it now then back then. I think a big problem is that people have gone soft and every idiot with a blog and a twitter account is somehow an expert on this stuff now and has completely forgotten what the sport was. Don Cherry hit the nail on the head the other night about this stuff. He said the reporters hate it for some reason, yet when a fight breaks out the entire crowd is on their feet. The player like it, the fans like, the league likes but for some odd reason the reporters don't like it?

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