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04-25-2012, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by hairylikebear View Post
They traded for a guy no whom no one else could accommodate nor afford to gamble on. There's a huge difference.

Easy gamble or not but if you can't give credit for a trade that got us an elite goalie and gave up a failed prospect and a low pick, then there's something wrong with you.
Nieuwendyk did not know for certain whether Kari could stay healthy. He also had no way of knowing whether Kari would be serious about changing his off-ice habits.

There was plenty of risk involved with Kari, yet the trade worked out. Unless you're trying to attribute some psychic power to Nieuwy, you have to acknowledge that Kari working out as well has he has involved some luck. I don't see why that's a bad thing. Taking risks is part of a GM's job, and luck plays a role in determining whether that risk bites a GM in the butt.

I give Nieuwy credit for having the balls to make a deal other GMs did not want to make. He saw a team need, saw a potential solution he could acquire on the cheap, and took the risk. His $1 Kari lotto ticket was a big winner. That's great. It doesn't make him prescient. It makes him a smart gambler.

Originally Posted by hairylikebear View Post
If you call Ribeiro for Niinimaa an "easy gamble" I'm gonna lose it.
If Ribeiro turned out to be the mess idiot Habs fans said he was and Habs management obviously thought he was, would you be citing him as an example? There was risk with Ribeiro, but it worked out. It has turned out to be an amazing trade all because the Stars gave up nothing to get him.

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