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04-25-2012, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by EbencoyE View Post
I think it would be a shame if they weren't given an automatic berth as Japan and Italy both were. I wouldn't say they are much worse than either of those teams.
I would say they're much worse than both of those teams (Japan '98 and Italy '06).

At the time of Nagano and Torino both Japan and Italy were actually playing in the Pool A/Elite division. Sure, Japan had a guaranteed spot from the Asian qualifiers, yet they still were relatively competitive, having close games with teams like Belarus or Denmark. The comparison with Italy is completely uncalled for, they had a decent team.

As for South Korea, they would have 0% chances of having a close match with ANYONE. I mean, come on. They lost to Spain last year and had a 0-6 walkover against Italy. As much as I like seeing them in Div IA (for a year), there's no point in having them in the OG.

No amount of development is going to help them in only 6 years time, besides what they are already doing. As I said, their best bet to become more competitive would be to naturalize some foreigners as Italy did purely for the Olympics.
Naturalizing foreigners is completely against the Olympic spirit, it's disgusting and makes the whole concept of national teams playing against each other pointless.

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