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04-25-2012, 12:55 PM
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Wayne Gretzky's Last Game, At The Garden

I was there. I had to hunt down good tickets and paid literally $700 bucks for each of them. Some may say that's exorbitant, but there were no regrets. They were worth every damn penny.

The game itself was awkward. There was this almost eery silence throughout and it was almost as if the players were just going through the motions while knowing there was something so much greater than the game taking place. The Great One was leaving us, for good.

The silence didn't last.

As the game ended and the torch officially had been passed to Jagr, Gretzky came out on the ice. Alone. It was then that the magic truly started.

We screamed, we shouted, we stomped, we clapped. The building shook, the floors rumbled, the ceiling rattled, the ovation grew stronger by each moment to a beyond thunderous applause.

But this was no fleeting moment. If I recall correctly, we kept this going for well over 20 minutes straight. By the end none of us could speak, our hands were red, sore and chaffed. But every single person there knew, and understood, the magic that just took place.

Never before nor again, not in the 94 playoffs, not when retiring Mess's jersey, not in any other sport nor any other arena, have I ever heard a crowd so loud. To this day, just even a passing thought of that game gives me goosebumps.

I say this because we have an opportunity tomorrow to start something new. We have an opportunity to bring magic to the Garden. It needs to start here, it needs to start now.

So I have a simple message to any of you reading this that are going to the game tomorrow night: If you go home and can hear yourself talk, then shame on you.

Here's to hoping tomorrow night, every one of us watching will feel that magic, and get those goosebumps.

That is all.

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