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Originally Posted by DylanSensFan View Post
Of course it wasn't Spezza solely, but rather than trying to cherry pick and produce offense while standing at our blue line, he could have back checked into his position and taken care of the rookie who scored the game winner. Everyone was kind of caught looking there, but MacStache didn't single out Spezza for no particular reason. It was message sending time and hopefully Spezza got the message... (you want to be an important player on this team, you play like an important player all the time, at both ends of the ice). That is what I got from MacLean
That's what I like about Maclean but I'm not sure Spezza will ever get it mostly because he produces points in the regular season.

Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
I think people also forget that Spezza is, by far, the most shaded player on either team this series. He can't get near a puck without at least 1 of their better defensive players on him, if not 2. Is he trying too much? Probably, but that's because he wants to compete and help the team win. It's easy to say to do the simple things, but when a lot of the guys can't do anything with the great things he does for them it gets difficult to see that.

As mentioned, it's not like Spezza is the only one having a hard time, either.
It's the same for both teams & their stars, Spezza, Michalek, Alfredsson, Gonchar & Karlsson are all targets. Ottawa gives just as much attention to Richards & Gaborik when they are on the ice, they have to. It reminds me of all the flack Yashin used to get because Martin didn't think he was working hard enough to fight through checks.

I'm not saying Spezza isn't working hard enough I think he is but I also think his game is easier to stop in the playoffs since he is mostly looking to make a big pass & usually sets up either on the half wall or behind the net. He needs to shoot tonight with every opportunity that he gets but whether he will or not is always doubtful. Like most playoff games it will take someone else to rise to the occassion & be the hero, likely a 3rd or 4th liner or 3rd pairing defenceman.

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