Thread: Speculation: Why Backlund?
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04-25-2012, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Double Dion View Post
I think Backlund is good defensivley, but Moss played the middle most of that season. Moss is better defensively than Backlund. Olli is better defensively than people give him credit for too. Backlund is extremely positionally sound, but does get out-muscled at times, whereas Olli isn't as good positionally, but rarely gets out-muscled.
Moss played C the prior season, didn't he? I thought he spent most of 11-12 with GlenX and Joker during the rare times he was healthy. On Jokinen: he's done a very good job of transforming himself, and I don't disagree with your assessment of him defensively. I'm just saying that Backlund is better than he is through the d-zone and neutral zone (although he could certainly use a little more strength).

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