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04-25-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Renegade Stylings View Post
I was at the game and I'm kind of shocked to see this kind of praise towards Rielly. And it is Rielly, not Reilly.

He was very good offensively, with a few nice rushes and nice passes to start the breakout but he wasn't terribly amazing besides that. Lost quite a few battles on the boards and turned over a couple of pucks after getting hit.

His play to stop Samuelsson on the breakaway was impressive, but you have to realize that Henrik was at the end of a 45-60 second shift and had zero left in the tank for the breakaway...not to mention he was banged up seconds earlier and run hard into the end glass.

To call him the best player on the ice is pretty short-sighted. Brossoit was that guy for me. He wasn't tested with a ton of hard stops, but he was very good when he needed to be. McIlrath, Edmundson and Point were all arguably better than Rielly was, too.

And as for Reinhart, he wasn't noticeable because that's his game. He plays aggressive, hits hard, QB's a PP and doesn't make any mistakes. He was just as good as Rielly was last night. Flashy doesn't mean better.
Typo...sorry. I know Morgan very well. Should checked posts for typos before posting.

He was in my opinion clearly the best player on the ice. The play in question was more then impressive as not only did he catch him when he was a whole zone behind he drew a penalty as well.

He played a tone of minutes and this is after missing all but the first part of the season. Moose Jaw has Howden and not a lot more offensively. I also mention that I thought Brossoit was real good and the difference in the game.

Tampa will likely want to trade up to get him. Murry was around in Wilcox watching him a lot in his Midget Year at Notre Dame and he is also friends with the Notre Dame coach.

He was impressive enough that a lot of scouts are rethinking the draft least the ones with picks in the top 8. If Morgan Rielly last past the top 6 I would be shocked. He is the D man with the most upside in the draft. Sorry and I watched for Reinhart and he turned the puck over several times and did not impress.....

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