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04-25-2012, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
The Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants fans that are still around are either Mets fans now or are still boycotting baseball because the Dodgers and Giants abandoned their fans and there's no correlation between the Mets and Dodgers or Giants. The Mets or William Shea brought National League baseball back to New York. They have their own identity, culture, and history. As well as their own World Series championships.

Too bad the Wilpons were Dodgers fans and fashioned Citi Field after Ebbetts Field, much to the disproval of MANY Mets fans that felt our identity was being denied.

And actually this is a very good analogy. The original Ottawa Senators and their 11 cups are like the Dodgers and Giants that ditched the city and their fans.

Your Ottawa Senators are more like the Mets. Bringing the sport back to the city.

We don't acknowledge the Dodgers or Giants. We resent them.

I don't have a problem reading. You said "we" have 9 cups. And then changed it to 4.

The city of Ottawa may have seen 11 cups. "You" own none of them.

"Your" Ottawa Senators hanging up 11 cup banners is an insult to every other franchise that actually had to do the work and win one.

"You" are NOT the original Ottawa Senators. They don't exist.

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