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Originally Posted by PuckMunchkin View Post
We had a second 3rd round pick in 2006.

Brett Skinner & Tomas Mojzis are not really any NHL teams future.
Both never amounted to anything in the NHL and are in europe now.

We lost Jovo and Salo that year and he was desperate to fix the D corps.

We still had a 1st & 3rd in the 2006 draft.

Pyatt had 2x 37 point seasons for us.
Not worth a 4th round pick?

Jason King did have a 20 goal season last year.
In the AHL...

Every team that gets a rental for the playoffs and doesnt win the cup, has "NOTHING to show for any of" for what ever they traded away.
The trades dont look bad when you consider he also was able to fill the prospect cuboard whiled oing that.

edit. left in a rush..
I mean they are not great either. But its not like our prospect pool got smaller with Nonis.
He traded away picks in a year the Canucks failed to make the playoffs. I completely missed out how he also traded a 2nd round pick for Mika Noronen as well.

Gillis has traded away picks for the players that he retained. That's what he has to show for (Lapierre, Higgins).

Our prospect pool got smaller and worse with Nonis at the helm.

The other thing here is when you state things like "We had another 3rd rd pick in season X", that's not the point. We werent given a free 3rd rd pick by winning our division. We gave something to get it and then received nothing.

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