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04-25-2012, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
I can compare Korea to Canada just as well. Does that somehow their National team even better? And the only reason that these three countries somehow appeared in the same sentence at all, is because all three got rights to host Olympics.
Italy, Japan, and Korea could all be playing in the same group next year. Japan and Korea definitely will be, Italy will probably get relegated too.

Are you saying comparing teams that play in the SAME GROUP is just as ridiculous as comparing Korea and Canada? THAT is ridiculous. Unless you honestly think Canada has a chance of being relegated this year....

Though I agree Korea is slowly getting better, they would still be massacred by every Olympic team from the previous tournament. Other nations have too much reserves when it comes to best on best tournaments, it's almost unfair. Even teams that they managed to beat missed several of their best players due to their respective team commitments when Korea used all resources they had at their disposal.
And Italy would have been massacred too without all their foreign mercenaries - what's your point? 2018 is a ways away, they could have a roster made up completely of foreign mercenaries by then for all we know.

And what teams/players are you referring to? In Div 1B? I can't think of any players that those teams were missing.

In order to be somewhat competative they would need to naturalize a whole roster of players just like Italy did, but Asian league doesn't attract the foreigners Italian league does. It doesn't look well at all.
That's because Asia League has stricter import limits - they don't rely on foreigners like Italy does.

However, I don't believe a player with Korean citizenship would count as an import. This is why Zagreb signed all those Canadians. Once they got citizenship in Croatia they no longer counted as imports.

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