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11-21-2003, 08:06 PM
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Salo and his injury

Apparently he broke his puckstopula as reported here

It is a re-occurring injury that has been bothering him since he took a puck in the head that then bounced in to net and turned out to be the game winner during the 2002 Olympics.

But seriously though, obviously many of us trace the turn in Tommys play back to this infamous goal. Since then his play has serioulsy declined and he has gone from being a guy who was a top 10 goalie in the workd to a guy who is gonna have to fight for playing time against a guy who makes 3 million less than him and might have less games played in the NHL than Tommy has Games played in the Olympics (I could look it up but I am too lazy right now). I think the goal ruined his confidence (obviously) but I also think that the backlash in Sweden had a lot to do with it. Me and my wife checked out many Swedish sites (messageboards and newspapers) after that game and they wanted Salos head (in fairness they wanted all the Swedes publicly excuted in front of the Riksdagen but Salo seemed to get the brunt of the blame). I guess what I am really wondering is if you think that this one goal may have ruined his whole carrer, and also if you know of any other pro athete who seems to have had his whole career negatively influenced (if not ruined) by one bad bounce, play goal, etc. that they just never seemed to recover from.

Seriously I think that Salo doesnt need Peeters, he needs a sports psychologist. (but I dont want to get started on Peters, I am a fan of having goalie coaches who stopped a puck or two in their day )

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